Friday, July 20, 2007

In the Pope's Own Words

We managed to obtain a copy of the Pope's letter (PDF) to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, calling for the commutation of Troy Davis' death sentence, in light of "strong claims of innocence," including now-recanted eyewitness testimony that appears to have resulted from police coercion.

More from the letter:

This particular case is all the more disturbing inasmuch as the public record indicates that most of the "witnesses" have recanted their testimony, alleging that their statements were coerced; Mr. Davis' conviction was not based on any physical evidence and the murder weapon was never found. While I am certain that these facts have been presented to you, I reiterate them so as to underscore that this is a case which merits very special consideration. It is deeply troubling taht the State of Georgia might proceed with this execution, given the lack of evidence and the strong claims of innocence in this particular case.

Read it for yourself. Click below.

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