Monday, April 2, 2007

One, Two, Three: DNA Exoneration Of Anthony J. Capozzi

The exoneration of Anthony Capozzi for a crime in Buffalo is just the latest in a long string of DNA exonerations for convictions based primarily on eyewitness testimony. In Mr. Capozzi's case, three eyewitnesses confidently identified him at trial as the rapist.

The quote highlighted by Talk Left is the most telling part of the story:

“Maybe one’s wrong, maybe two are wrong, but jurors sit there and say how can three people possibly be wrong?” he said. “They were all so positive it was

But there is another quote that struck me too. At the time of his trial, Mr. Capozzi sent a warning out to the people in Buffalo:
I said women in Buffalo shouldn't take comfort in the fact that Anthony Capozzi was convicted of these crimes," he said. "He didn’t do them. I suggest that you not run in Delaware Park alone. Because the person who did these is still out there.

Twenty-two years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Plus no increase in public safety as the real culprit remains free. The cost of mistaken eyewitness testimony.

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